Saturday, September 11, 2021

 The Biker Experience and Lifestyle 

This blog will be my experience on a sport bike, dirt bike and later cruiser. I will detail my experience with videos and pictures at the various places hubby and I go from dining to buying accessories at bike shops, meeting different people who share in our lifestyle and above all the riding. I will also include photos and videos with our sport bike Hiishu to detail our experience.  

The biker lifestyle to me is an extension of my definition of “Rebel, why I do what I do” as I explain on my website  I also believe that it is part of my chosen lifestyle and contributes a great deal to the idea “being free”. 

Motorcycle riding to me is something that comes natural to a person whether it’s in them or not. It is a lifestyle to me and hubby, and we embrace it along with other aspects in our life. Eventually, we are planning to do across Canada trip on a cruiser bike which will be the ultimate fun. I am eager to visit biker bars and stay at cool motels and meet cool people who share our lifestyle.  

Whenever we enter a new lifestyle, we like to explore all its aspects which to me is very important when embarking on something new, I am referring to choosing a lifestyle. The worst is judging something or having a negative opinion of it without fully experiencing it and at the same time understanding it. Most people look only at the negative or positive depending on their mindset, but, I believe one must take a neutral standpoint which results in a more sound understanding. 

Riding gear is also something one has to consider when embarking on this lifestyle, it is costly but worth it, this is part of the lifestyle.  Riding wearing long jeans and a jacket in the summer is a challenge because it’s damn humid outside and it adds to the heat at least for me, so next time I think I will try wearing lighter clothes. Also, one can carry a schoolbag or small backpack with few essentials like a cellphone, money, and if you buy a drink or something when you stop it’s handy to have. Really nothing fancy is required which is why we like it. 

This past weekend was one of the best I ever had since it  was not planned or anything, it was spontaneous and awesome fun which these words are an understatement to describe the rush you feel sitting on a rocket, yes that is how I can describe our Hiishu. Riding on the back of my boyfriend’s motorcycle was an awesome rush. 

The only funny hurdle we faced was the storage gate was closed early and we were not aware of this as it was always accessible 24hrs.  This did not however stop us from parking our beloved bike in front of our second car, then early in the morning we took the bike back and got our new car out.

Another motorcycle experience riding and feeling the wind, getting ice cream, coffee and just enjoying life is key to us, as most of what we embark on becomes a lifestyle.

We rode in the classic car cruise at night riding on our motorcycle Hiishu, she is our excuse to go out and cruise the town in style. Also, an excellent source of content that truly depicts our lifestyles, as most are really a community if you look at it closely. Trucking, motorcycle and RV Touring and much more. It is simple and enjoyable. 

Hopefully we will get some hot dogs tonight and maybe an ice cream, coffee. 

I also found a schoolbag that I can use as a bag to wear on my back as I ride. I learned that it is best to keep as light as possible as one needs to be as aerodynamic as possible when on a bike. So I put only essentials like wipes, keys, phone and lip balm and a credit card in case of emergency. I will expand on this as I go, for now let’s keep young and ride into the wind! 



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  The Biker Experience and Lifestyle  This blog will be my experience on a sport bike, dirt bike and later cruiser. I will detail my experie...